The day I’m writing this, is the day that it snowed. In the middle of march!
Even though the cold temperatures and the rough weather is still here, I sometimes catch a glimpse of the season that’s coming.

A rough winter

To be honest, last winter was the roughest winter I’ve ever had, and I think I can speak for a lot of people when I mention that.  The cold, grey and dark days have had a big impact on how I feel. Not only mentally but also physically. My mental health hasn’t been the best and I’ve felt moody most of the time. I was sad and angry at the same time and nothing could fix that. It felt like a dark cloud was over me and wouldn’t let me see the sun. Besides that, my body was always cold. I couldn’t leave the house without dressing like I was going to Antarctica. Three layers was a minimum, and definitely not comfortable at all.

I’m so grateful for spring and summer that are coming. And that is also why I’m so passionate about it. 


Before I further dive into the topic, I would like to say: I’m proud of you for staying through this winter. I’m proud how you’ve made the best of it even though the cold can be hard. I’m proud how you survived the dark months and are still fighting every day for your happiness.

The light of summer

I want to talk about the light spring and summer can bring us. How it can help people love their lives. I feel like sun is a big factor on this one. Without sun, obviously nothing would be alive today. Maybe that also counts for the level of happiness for the majority of people. (I especially say majority, because others might thrive in the winter months). Maybe without the rays of sunshine on our faces, we wouldn’t feel as happy as we do now.

When I say: visualize the feeling of sunshine on your bare skin, what do you feel? What do you think?

When I do this myself, I feel an immediate warm tingling filling my body. My heart opens up and my cheeks feel warm. Take a moment to breathe and feel what it does to your body. Does it feel the same as I described, or does it make you feel different? I think we can tell by the way this visualization affects you, how much of a winter or summer person you are. And I am definitely a summer person.

Blooming flowers, green trees, cold ice cream on a warm day, flowy clothing, bright colours… It all adds up to the feeling of spring and summer. Slowly but surely I feel my environment change. Small flowers are blooming again and the temperature rises a tiny bit sometimes. Although we’re having snow this weekend…

Seasons can change people

Seasons can change people and I stand by that. My mood lightens up when the temperature goes up, my happiness increases when nature blooms again. I feel a shell of a person in dull weather and I can’t seem to get anything done in the presence of dark, thick clouds. Seasons can change people, but all in a different way. Some lighten up with the thought of snow or mist or rain, and some feel alive on a summer night. Some live for the sun, others for the moon and stars.

But the tingling sensation that the sun can bring me, tells me that I am a summer person. I love the fact that spring is on its way. Maybe I’ll feel more alive when it arrives, maybe one day life is not so dull anymore. Seasons can change a person, and I am definitely changing for the better.