It’s actually January 1st when I make time to write this down. This journal entry is dedicated to setting my goals for the new year and actually getting to achieve them. And I’m using affirmations! (Oh and a vision board, but another journal entry will get into detail about that..)

Toxicity of New Year’s resolutions…

I feel like New Year’s resolutions can be a little toxic. They’re overshadowed by diet culture and other communities that encourage unhealthy habits. Many people are influenced by them and that honestly breaks my heart a little bit. So many healthy beings will be getting so self-conscious of their bodies by seeing their environment starting new diets. So many healthy people will see influencers setting unrealistically high goals and think: I am not good enough. I need to do better, because they are. Comparison is a killer. And I myself know how it can destroy your mind. But that’s for another entry…
For this entry, I absolutely dislike using the term “resolution”. I rather see the goals as deep desires I really want to act upon.

Full eating disorder recovery

For me, one goal I am pursuing this year is committing to full recovery. Anorexia has taken absolutely everything

 from me the past 5 years and I am sick ‘n tired of the restrictions it has put me in.
I know it will be rough. Recovery is not something done in like a few weeks. It will take more weeks, months and even years to fully recover from an illness that took over your life for a long time.

 Actually, someone told me an important thing about healing from anorexia recently. Research says that the journey to full recovery will take as long as the period you’ve spent in the bubble of the mental illness. So for me, (I’ve been diagnosed with anorexia back in 2018) It will possibly take at least 5 years to achieve full recovery.
It will be a looooong and draining journey, but you know what, I AM determined to lose the weight of anorexia off my shoulders. I am READY.

“When I grow up I want to be a teacher”

The second thing I really want to pursue this year, is my dream of education. Since I was little, I’ve always said I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I’m still not in the right place to say I am grown up and ready to work, but I AM ready to act upon the dream little me has always had.
Because anorexia has already been a huge part of my life. I’m focused on educating and spreading awareness about mental health issues in general. And that it’s possible to heal from them. I am also focusing on my own healing process. It has only been a month since I started transforming my own thoughts, but it has already made such a big impact on me and my life.
On my ‘creator list’ there are a few things I want to achieve this year. And I’m going to speak in manifestation-language over here. Make it physical :). I am going to be on a growth/healing related podcast by the end of the year. I am going to publish an article in a magazine or book by fall this year and I am going to keep educating people through social media every day.

My body is the strongest it has ever been

In 2023, not only my mental health, but also my physical health will be a priority. Healing does not only cover my inner being, but also includes healing and restoring the strength of my physical body. My main goal is to develop a womanly, divine body that will help me live and do the things I want to do. A healthy body that can carry me everywhere and allows me to do everything I want. My body is my house and I will be making it a home.

I am capable. I am full of strength.

Journaling has honestly saved my life. When I was deep down into anorexia, I used to document everything I did. I actually thought this was a toxic way of coping until I started researching manifestation and healing a few weeks ago.
Manifestation could be explained as thinking your desires into existing by visualizing the perfect situation. By using phrases starting with “I am” rather than “I will be”, you can evolve into the person you’ve always wanted to be, unless you have unlimited belief and trust in the universe. Or god, or how you would like to call the vibrations and energy around us.

By journalling, I’m analysing my own thoughts and behaviours and turning them into positive affirmations that will help me raising my vibration. Because everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Once you vibrate at or around the same frequency as your desire, it’ll become closer and closer. Until you achieve it. So, that’s why I know I am capable of achieving the goals I wrote down above.
I will get deeper into this in another journal entry!!!

I want to end this journal entry with a few affirmations I am using to achieve my desires. Maybe you’ll be inspired to start your healing and growth. You’re capable!!!
– I am full of strength
– I am creating the life of my dreams
– My body is my home and I am accepting it the way it is
– I am an adventurer outside of my comfort zone, so I can grow
– My body does not define my worth
– I am powerful
– I am capable of achieving anything I desire!